Pharmacy Technology
Course at a glance

Award: HND

Study mode : Full-time

Course length : Full-time (3 years)

Pharmaceutical Science is a relatively new discipline and is concerned with fostering a multi-disciplinary approach towards the study of exciting new developments in the chemical, biological and biomedical science areas focusing upon the biochemistry, pharmacology, design, methods of analysis and delivery of pharmaceutical substances. This course aims to produce high quality pharmaceutical science diplomates with the generic, subject-specific and transferable knowledge and skills suited to a career in the pharmaceutical industry or other related laboratory based scientific discipline.


The Course aims to:


  • To support you in the development of intellectual and key interpersonal skills as well as subject knowledge that will equip you for life-long learning.

  • To develop a knowledge of the physico-chemical and biological principles necessary to understand the sourcing, preparation, analysis and properties of medicinal agents. This will include the design, delivery, mode of action, therapeutic application and clinical usage of medicines.

  • To encourage the development of practical and problem solving skills, research methods and the techniques and processes necessary for the evaluation, critical appraisal and systematic review of pharmaceutical science.

Career Pathway:

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors are currently growth areas in the country and successful study in pharmaceutical science will open up a range of careers in biochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and related areas. Specifically, graduates are likely to find employment in research and development in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. Other career outlets are possible and include work in hospital laboratories, forensic science, drug analysis, pharmaceutical marketing and sales, medical writing and teaching.

HND qualifications are widely recognised in the scientific establishment as vocational courses which prepare students for vocational employment. As such, the skills provided in the course will provide opportunities in the technical disciplines at technician level.

Skills to be gained:

At the end of this course you, the student, will be able to:

  1. Apply a range of practical skills to the investigation of pharmaceutical compounds and understand their effects on the human body.

  2. Design, implement and evaluate practical outcomes in pharmaceutical science

  3. Discuss and interpret modern concepts of disease

Discuss and evaluate appropriate methodologies for the manufacture of pharmaceutical processes.

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