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Martin Luther Health Training School – Kintampo Campus (MLK-Nursing) is a bough of Martin Luther Health Training School and Kings Nursing and Allied Health College, Accra in Kintampo, located just a  few kilometers from the historic center of Ghana and 5 Kilometers  from the Kintampo waterfalls. Our goal is to provide exellent and not-for-profit clinical and allied health education based on  caring and humanitarian values. MLK Nursing is accredited for all of the programmes it offers.


MLK Nursing is approved by the Ghana Ministry of Health (MOH)  and accredited by all the accreditation regulatory bodies to undertake all the educational programs it runs under the tutelage of its parent college, the award winning Martin Luther Health Training School, which is recognized and approved by the MOH with a mandate to train health professionals at the non-tertiary and tertiary levels and has accreditation from the following regulatory agencies: NVTI(National Vocational Training Institute) for the Health Care assistant –HCA-program, NMC(Nursing and Midwifery Council)- for the Health Assistant clinical-HAC program, and AHPC(Allied Health Professions Council)-for the Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) program.

Mission Statement

Rooted in and professing fidelity to the meaning of community service and non-profit education, MLK-Nursing is a health training school that nurtures intellectual and community service growth in students to become the best healthcare and community service providers while maintaining consistent with our core values including excellence, integrity, professionalism, caring, compassion and justice .

Our Guiding Philisophy

In fulfillment of this mission MLK-Nursing will:

Offer a not-for-profit strong healthcare academic community dedicated to the pursuit of accessible and equitable healthcare to all and sundry regardless of income, and creed.
Enhance students’ awareness of human dignity and the importance of quality life for all.
 Provide opportunity to qualified but students in need of financial aid or from low income families to undertake free and quality education.
Advocate for policies and public education of each person’s responsibility for the welfare of human kind.

Our core values

  • Excellence – Under the tutelage of MLTHS, we seek to provide quality and excellent health training for a healthy community and in general, a healthy nation.

  • Integrity - Concerned for the common good as individuals and as a community, we commit ourselves to honesty in all relations with students, faculty, staff and administration. Through our integrity, we maintain the trust of the surrounding community and of public and governmental agencies

  • Professionalism - we seek to provide an environment to encourage personal development in the following professional qualities:


Through continuous mentoring, collaboration these qualities can be achieved

  • Caring - Caring is central to healthcare and the basic constitutive phenomena of the human experience.  Caring encompasses the interest, concern and kindness we demonstrate towards our student.

  • Compassion – Inspired by the examples of Mother Theresa and Florence Nightingale, we open our hearts to each member to our society, especially the vulnerable and the sick. We consciously reach out beyond our reach and comfort zones  to serve the needs of others with respect and compassion.

  • Justice – Recognizing the dignity of all persons, we seek to address instances of injustice, especially against the vulnerable within our community and nation without fear or favor!

Dr. Wil Agbenyikey, ScD, MPH – Rector & Research Director

Dr. Wilfred (Wil) Agbenyikey is the Rector of MLHTS- KINTAMPO CAMPUS and the Research Director of MLHTS Research Department. Founder and President of Project Health Ghana, and he also directs Workplace Stress Café.

Wil holds a doctorate degree from the College of Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts and a Master of Public Health from Yale University. He’s presently Lead Clinician Measures Developer at US Department of Health and Human Services. He is also a Scientific Board Member at INOVA Health system IRB. He has previously worked as a Data Manager at the Framingham Heart Study, an Instructor and a postdoctoral fellow in Occupational Health and Safety at Drexel University School of Public Health, a Principal Investigator at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and an Epidemiologist and Biostatistician at Inova Health System.


He has devoted his leisure and career into providing the scientific bases for policies on unwholesome workplace exposures. His research has predominantly been in exposure assessment of secondhand tobacco smoke and risk assessment of workplace organizational and psychosocial stressors.
Dr. Agbenyikey’s recent research involves examining the association between lifestyle practices and chronic disease incidence, and clinician burden in recording...

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